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About Us

Photography & Video

From Above

Up and At It is an aerial media company specializing in drone photography and videography.  We are proudly located in and serve West Michigan. 

​Our mission is to provide results which exceed our clients expectations, while offering a simple, hassle-free experience.   This is the expectation, from the initial discussion through the closure of the project.

We take our clients vision seriously, so we aim to meet their expectations, every time.  More importantly, safety is and will remain our first focus.  Prior to any work performed, all job sites are surveyed to ensure the project can executed safely, while maintaining compliance with all applicable FAA guidelines and regulations. 


Up and At It adheres to the FAA's Small Unmanned Aircraft Regulations (Part 107) and is certified by the FAA to commercially operate an Unmaned Aircraft System (UAS).

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Services Home

Aerial photography of residential and commercial locations, covering everything from real estate listings to parties/events



High-res video of residential and commercial locations.  We offer flyovers, video , live streaming and everything in-between



Residential, commercial and recreational inspection options available


Discuss the scope of your project, learn about how we can help you, check availability and more

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